Sentence Examples with the word lucky

He'd reached to the main Jeep road from the faint trail to the Lucky Pup when a sound broke the stillness of dusk.

He was a lucky fox that left his tail in the trap.

The way things were going lately, he'd be lucky to make it there and back at all.

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They were not so contemptible at the time, because England and Ireland were full of adventurers who were ready to back any cause, and who looked on the king of the moment as no more than a successful member of their own classa base-born Welshman who had been lucky enough to become the figurehead of the movement that had overturned an unpopular usurper.

There's only a half dozen Lucky Strikes.

Together with this idolatry there is also a firm belief in the power of witchcraft and sorcery, in divination, in lucky and unlucky days and times, in ancestor worship, especially that of the sovereign's predecessors, and in several curious ordeals for the detection of crime.

Aided by lucky changes of wind, he reached Cadiz, was joined by 1 French and 6 Spanish ships under Admiral Gravina, which, added to the 1 r he had with him, gave him a force of 18 sail.

Jule wasn't lucky enough for the creature on the main floor not to hear.

Not including the man Damian called Watcher, the man called Jule was the only one of the group older than her, and he'd be lucky to survive the day.

Both Dawkins brothers were being offered excessive prices for the Lucky Pup land, from some supposedly unknown and secret purchaser.