Sentence Examples with the word luck

Only luck had kept her from joining her family today.

Good luck finding your girl, Brade.

At dawn I was awakened by the smell of coffee, the rattling of guns, and the heavy footsteps of the men as they strode about, promising themselves the greatest luck of the season.

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If she has good luck she will bring us an elephant, or a brace of rhinoceri, or perhaps a few dozen people to stay our hunger.

Good thinking and good luck with the scholarship.

It's bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding.

As good luck would have it, they had had a whale alongside a day or two previous, and the great tackles were still aloft, and the massive curved blubber-hook, now clean and dry, was still attached to the end.

Good luck finding her without me.

Our family has no luck with immortal mates.

As a pastoral god he would give luck to the flocks and herds; when worshipped by townspeople, he would give luck to the merchant, the orator, the traveller and the athlete.