Sentence Examples with the word lucidity

In details of execution and harmonic combinations they illustrate the precision, logic, lucidity and cheerful spirit of the national genius.

He retained his intellectual lucidity and an absolute command of his faculties to the last, reading Shakespeare with obvious appreciation until within a few hours of his death.

In beauty, richness and lucidity of language, and in dignity of style, these two books resemble the Bible of 1688.

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Others may have surpassed him in originality, learning or reasoning power, but for grasp of his subject, clearness of language, lucidity of arrangement, felicity of illustration, vividness of imagination, elegance of diction, and above all, for sympathy with the intellectual position of those whom he addressed, he has hardly been rivalled.

He introduced into the Danish literature of his time inestimable elements of lucidity and purity.

Many of its most distinguished exponents are Flemings by birth, and their writings reflect the characteristic Flemish scenery; they have the sensuousness, the colour and the realism of Flemish art; and on the other hand the tendency to mysticism, to abstraction, is far removed from the lucidity and definiteness associated with French literature properly so-called.

But of the three claims which he makes to immortality, the importance of his subject, his desire to liberate the mind from the bonds of superstition and the charm and lucidity of his poetry - that which he himself regarded as supreme was the second.

The careful industry and the lucidity which characterize Mr Theal's work stamp him as a historian of whom South Africa may well be proud.

Demosthenes urges that such an enterprise would at present be useless; that it would fail to unite Greece; that the energies of the city should be reserved for a real emergency; but that, before the city can successfully cope with any war, there must be a better organization of resources, and, first of all, a reform of the navy, which he outlines with characteristic lucidity and precision.

What most impressed the German world was its beauty and lucidity of style - features to which Mendelssohn still owes his popularity as a writer.