Sentence Examples with the word lucid

Some of the poems are faultless, after their kind, flowing from the first stage to the last, lucid in thought, vivid in diction, harmonious in their pensive melody.

It has high merits of style, being lucid and pointed to a degree.

Poem but the narration is lucid and interesting.

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Perhaps it was a resurgence of his forgotten priestly training but for the first time, Howie was more lucid than I.

The poet was reading lucid prose.

He has that power of concise and lucid narration, of terse reasoning, of persuasive appeal, which is required by the forensic speaker.

The principal theological writings of Basil are his De Spiritu Sancto, a lucid and edifying appeal to Scripture and early Christian tradition, and his three books against Eunomius, the chief exponent of Anomoian Arianism.

The former had written in lucid German an attack on the national neglect of native philosophers (principally Leibnitz), and lent the manuscript to Lessing.

Of the former, the first, published in 1896, was on the dynamics of a particle; and afterwards there followed a number of concise treatises on thermodynamics, heat, light, properties of matter and dynamics, together with an admirably lucid volume of popular lectures on Recent Advances in Physical Science.

His style is lucid and vivid, but he lacks the critical sense, and the speeches he puts into the mouths of his characters are imaginary.