Sentence Examples with the word lucerne

There is more than one meaning of Lucerne discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia.

Alfalfa, or lucerne (Medicago sativa), is grown extensively for shipment to the mining towns of the desert provinces.

Potatoes, rye, lucerne and other kinds of forage are also important crops.

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Wheat, barley, millet, pease, lentils, rice, sorghum, lucerne and cotton are the chief agricultural products.

The following are the more important streams of this name: Two rivers in the west of Russia, both falling into the Gulf of Riga, near Riga, which is situated between them; a river in the north of France, falling into the sea below Gravelines, and navigable as far as St Omer; and a river of Switzerland, in the cantons of Lucerne and Aargau, which carries the waters of Lakes Baldegger and Hallwiler into the Aar.

The shores of the lake - reminding a visitor somewhat of the Swiss lake of Lucerne - rise almost sheer to over 6000 ft.

Many authorities regard it as made up of three distinct songs (one of which refers to the battle and Winkelried), possibly put together by the younger Halbsuter (citizen of Lucerne in 1435, died between 1470 and 1480), though others contend that the Sempach-Winkelried section bears clear traces of having been composed after the Reformation began, that is, about 1520 or 1530.

From 1815 to 1848 it shared with Zurich and Lucerne the supreme rule (which shifted from one to the other every two years) in the Swiss confederation, while in 1848 a federal law made Bern the sole political capital, where the federal government is permanently fixed and where the ministers of foreign powers reside.

From Lucerne by the St Gotthard railway, 19 m.

Born at Lucerne in 1488.