Sentence Examples with the word lucas

The cathedral also contains works by Peter Vischer and Lucas Cranach and several other interesting monuments.

In the war of 1899 he served at first under Lucas Meyer in northern Natal, but soon rose to higher commands.

The town has been embellished by several other statues, including those of Charles Augustus (1875); Lucas Cranach (1886); Marie Seibach (1889); the composer Hummel (1895) and Franz Liszt (1904).

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Eliza Lucas Pinckney (c. 1722-1793) was the daughter of Lieut.-Colonel George Lucas of the British army, who about 1738 removed from Antigua to South Carolina, where he acquired several plantations.

After the death of his father in 1483, Nicolaus was virtually adopted by his uncle Lucas Watzelrode, later (in 1489) bishop of Ermeland.

For details of his life consult Peuchet, Mirabeau: Memoires sur sa vie litteraire et privee (1824); and the Memoires biographiques, litteraires et politiques de Mirabeau, ecrits par lui-meme, par son pere, son oncle et son fits adoptif, which was issued by his adopted son, Lucas de Montigny (8 vols., Paris, 1834-1835).

From Sackett's Harbor American expeditions against York (now Toronto) and Fort George respectively set out in April and May 1813; though scantily garrisoned it was successfully defended by General Jacob Brown (who had just taken command) against an attack, on the 29th of May, of Sir George Prevost with a squadron under Sir James Lucas Yeo.

The Van Eycks, followed by Memling, Metsys, Mabuse, Lucas van Leyden, struck out a new path in the revival of painting and taught Europe the secret of oil-colouring.

On the Parliamentary right, Goring had swept away the Yorkshire horse, and although most of his troopers had followed in disorderly pursuit, Sir Charles Lucas with some squadrons was attacking the exposed right of Leven's infantry.

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