Sentence Examples with the word lucania

Its southern extremity, Calabria, forms a complete peninsula, being united to the mass of Lucania or the Basilicata by an isthmus isthmus 35 m.

Here the Via Appia turned eastward towards Beneventum, while the Via Popiia continued in a south-easterly direction through the Campanian plain and thence southwards through the mountains of Lucania and Bruttii as far as Rhegium.

By means of the Via Campana it had easy communication north-westward with Neapolis, Puteoli and Capua, and thence by the Via Appia with Rome; and southwards with Pompeii and Nuceria, and thence with Lucania and the Bruttii.

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Under his leadership, Tarentum fought with unvarying success against the Messapii, Lucania and even Syracuse.

Nola and Nuceria in Campania, Thurii and Metapontum in Lucania were sacked.

Augustus joined it with Lucania (from which it was divided by the rivers Laus and Crathis) to form the third region of Italy.

The third region contained Lucania and Bruttiuin; it was bounded on the west coast by the Silarus, on the east by the Bradanus.

Aquila), and that this dialect closely resembled the Oscan of Lucania and Samnium, though presenting some peculiarities of its own, which warrant, perhaps, the use of the name North Oscan.

It thus still comprised only the two provinces subsequently known as Lucania and Bruttium (see references s.v.

It was separated from Lucania on the north by a line drawn from the mouth of the river Laus on the west to a point a little south of the river Crathis on the east.