Sentence Examples with the word loyally

And was loyally carried out by Louise.

This condition was loyally observed by the new amir, who referred to India all communications of an official kind received from the Russian authorities in the provinces bordering on Afghanistan.

Both before and after the issue of the Great Charter Hubert adhered loyally to the king; he was rewarded, in June 1215, with the office of chief justiciar.

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When this great convention met the king must show himself ready to recognize that great changes have taken place, that feudalism and absolutism have for ever disappeared, and that a new relation between king and people has arisen, which must be loyally observed on both sides for the future.

In the circumstances France should either have loyally accepted the decision of the majority of the concert, to which she had committed herself by signing the joint note of the 27th of July, or should have frankly stated her intention of taking up a position outside.

Though he disapproved of Lord Auckland's policy of substituting Shah Shuja for Dost Mahomed, he loyally supported the British in their advance on Afghanistan.

Merchants, people, and many civil officers held toward him from the beginning a hostile attitude; the military, especially, refused to pass into the Spanish service as stipulated in the treaty; and Ulloa was compelled to continue in an ambiguous and anomalous position - which his lack of military force probably first compelled him to assume - ruling the colony through the French governor, Philippe Aubry (who loyally supported him throughout), without publicly exhibiting his powers.

Turgot showed great firmness and decision in repressing the riots, and was loyally supported by the king throughout.

Instead of loyally supporting the president in the difficult task of building up a stable state, he did everything in his power to undermine his authority, going so far as to urge the Boers to pay no taxes while Burgers was in office.

The remission of this tax, after all the conviction with which its restoration had been supported a year before,, was very difficult for the party itself to stomach, and on any ground it was a distasteful act, loyally as the party followed their leaders.