Sentence Examples with the word lowered

Slowly he lowered his head to hers and his lips found hers - warm and questioning.

He lowered his head to nuzzle her neck, loving the smell of a woman's skin almost as much as he did the taste of her blood.

Unsuccessful litigants are to be calculated according to the measure of their offence, and are not to be arbitrary pepalties raised or lowered at the kings good pleasure according to the sum that he imagined that the offender could be induced to pay.

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He lowered the stirrup and smiled.

As the rods make their measured strokes one of the miners, starting from the surface, steps on the first platform as it rises to the surface landing and is then lowered on the down stroke.

In turn, jerkingly raised and lowered by the rolling billows, the towing resistance of the log caused the old reelman to stagger strangely.

He painted in lurid colours the terrors of purgatory, while he dwelt on the cheapness of the indulgence which would purchase remission and his prices were lowered as each sale approached its end.

Every well has its own particular level of water while steady pumping at a given rate is going on, and if that level is lowered by harder pumping, it may take months, or even years, for the water in the interstices of the rock to accommodate itself to the new conditions; but the permanent yield after such lowering will always be less than the quantity capable of being pumped shortly after the change.

Her voice had lowered into a husky purr.

He lowered the curtain, dropping the room into darkness.