Sentence Examples with the word lower class

A cry went up that national bankruptcy had been declared, and thousands of the lower class of ouvrier began the rally to Babeuf's flag.

The leader, Hung Sin Tsuan, a semi-political, semi-religious enthusiast, assumed the title of Tien Wang, or Heavenly King, and by playing on the feelings of the lower class of people gradually collected a considerable force.

The small form of dhoti worn by men of the lower class is called langoti.

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They generally form what may be called the back streets, and they are bordered by warehouses, cellars and the lower class of dwelling-houses.

She'd never wondered if the lower class was different.

It was now intended to re-establish the government on the basis of the old republican institutions, but it was found that sixty years of Medici rule had reduced them to mere shadows, and the condition of the government, largely controlled by a balia of 20 accoppiatori and frequently disturbed by the summoning of the parlamento, was utterly chaotic. Consequently men talked of nothing save of changing the constitution, but unfortunately there was no longer an upper class accustomed to public affairs, while the lower class was thoroughly demoralized.

Those of the urban middle classes are shopkeepers and artizans, and those of the lower class are domestics and day labourers.

The only language of the lower class is pidgin-English - quite incomprehensible to the newcomer from Great Britain, - but a large proportion of the inhabitants are highly educated men who excel as lawyers, clergymen, clerks and traders.

With a dormitory above for the lower class of guests.

The lower class of work of this age is shown by great numbers - of glazed pottery figures both human and animal.