Sentence Examples with the word low temperature

But the low temperature causes the moisture-laden winds to deposit here greater quantities of rain and snow than in the semi-arid regions below, which not only promote the growth of vegetation, but cause the activity of the springs, geysers and waterfalls.

When a pure metal is cooled to a very low temperature its electrical conductivity is greatly increased, but this is not the case with an alloy.

At the Carnegie works Mr Monell gets the two dephosphorizing conditions, low temperature and basicity of slag, early in the process, by pouring his molten but relatively cool cast iron upon a layer of pre-heated lime and iron oxide on the bottom of the open-hearth furnace.

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The perfectly pure metal may be prepared by heating the oxide or oxalate in a current of hydrogen; when obtained at a low temperature it is a black powder which oxidizes in air with incandescence; produced at higher temperatures the metal is not pyrophoric. Peligot obtained it as minute tetragonal octahedra and cubes by reducing ferrous chloride in hydrogen.

Cailletet and later by P. Villard that when allowed to stand in the presence of water at a low temperature a solid hydrate is formed.

Further, the relatively low temperature impedes decarburization.

When the wind rises above the snow-capped Andes, the last particle of moisture is wrung from it that a very low temperature can extract.

The calcination, or roasting, is conducted at a low temperature in some form of reverberatory furnace.

The low temperature of the winter allows (indirectly) an accumulation of the essential nitrogenous mineral salts, but as the minimal temperature is passed (in Feb.

Above these towns are a number of farms and herdsmen's habitations, where men live the whole or a part of the year with less discomfort from low temperature than is experienced in northern Europe and northern United States.