Sentence Examples with the word low frequency

It is also necessary to notice that shunt instruments cannot be used for high frequencies, as then the relative inductance of the shunt and wire becomes important and affects the ratio in which the current is divided, whereas for low frequency currents the inductance is unimportant.

Unidirectional, or alternating, and the latter of high or of low frequency, amperemeters may first be divided into those (I) for continuous or direct currents, (2) for low frequency alternating currents, and (3) for high frequency alternating currents.

In creating powerful electric waves for communication over long distances it is necessary to employ an alternating current transformer (see Transformers) supplied with alternating currents from a low frequency alternator D driven by an engine to charge the condenser (fig.

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The two sets of figures show some corroborative features, notably the low frequency from 1860 to 1870.