Sentence Examples with the word loved

She did not think of applying submission and self-abnegation to her own life, for she was accustomed to seek other joys, but she understood and loved in another those previously incomprehensible virtues.

But not love which loves for something, for some quality, for some purpose, or for some reason, but the love which I--while dying--first experienced when I saw my enemy and yet loved him.

His logic, while never obtruded, was rarely at fault; but lie loved the flash of the rapier, and was never happier than when he had to face down a mob and utterly foil it by sheer superiority in fencing.

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As much as he'd loved Lilith, Andre had told him she wasn't meant to be his mate and encouraged him to focus on his duty rather than the woman.

And he loved Billy, perhaps enough to kill the man he thought caused Billy's death.

When asked why she loved books so much, she once replied: Because they tell me so much that is interesting about things I cannot see, and they are never tired or troubled like people.

He loved Marguerite Lecomte, and taught her to engrave as well as himself.

I do not remember a time since I have been capable of loving books that I have not loved Shakespeare.

Two had helped force feed him, before he knew kiri loved him.

In my fancy the pagan gods and goddesses still walked on earth and talked face to face with men, and in my heart I secretly built shrines to those I loved best.