Sentence Examples with the word love feast

The Lord's Supper was observed weekly; and between forenoon and afternoon service every Sunday a love feast was held at which every member was required to be present.

It is celebrated in the evening, and is accompanied by the ancient love feast (partaken by all communicants seated at a common table), by the ceremony of the washing of feet and by the salutation of the holy kiss, the three last-named ceremonies being observed by the sexes separately.

On New Year's Day, 1739, the Wesleys, Whitefield and other friends had a Love Feast at Fetter Lane.

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The earliest Armenian rituals contain ample services for the conduct of an agape or love feast held in the church off sacrificial meat.

The Eucharist formed part of an agape or love feast until the end of the 2nd century, and in parts of Christendom continued to be so much later.