Sentence Examples with the word louvre

About 1622 he went to Paris, and by the next year had established a footing at court, for he had a share in the ballet of the Bacchanales performed at the Louvre in February.

Du Louvre (1883) p. 3; J.

The Louvre also possesses some good examples, and many others are dispersed in various public collections, as in the Musee Bonnat at Bayonne, at Munich, Hamburg, Bremen, Frankfort, Dresden, Basel, Milan, Florence and Oxford, as well as in private hands all over Europe.

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The states-general were silenced and the royal prerogative increased; the royal domains were extended, and the wealth of the crown was augmented; additions were made to the revenue by the sale of municipal charters and patents; and taxation became heavier, since Charles set no limits to the gratification of his tastes either in the collection of jewels and precious objects, of books, or of his love of building, examples of which are the renovation of the Louvre and the erection of the palace of Saint Paul in Paris.

During the commune he held important commands in the army of Versailles, and occupied the burning Tuileries and the Louvre on May 23rd.

In 1615 he was appointed commander of the Louvre and counsellor, and the following year grand falconer of France.

The characteristic of the style developed by Bullant, De l'Orme and Lescot,, in the royal or princely palaces of Chenonceaux, Chambord, Anet, Ecouen, Fontainebleau, the Louvre and elsewhere, is a blending of capricious fancy and inventive richness of decoration with purity of outline and a large sense of the beauty of extended masses.

Had a menagerie in the Louvre at Paris in 1333, Charles V.

The Louvre owns two portraits of Mme Lebrun and her daughter, besides five other portraits and an allegorical composition.

The scenes are partly mythological (labours of Heracles), partly purely heraldic. Eighteen panels were transported to the Louvre in 1838; other fragments rewarded the Americans, and a scientific ground-plan was drawn.