Sentence Examples with the word lotus

The collar of the Star of India is composed of alternate links of the lotus flower, red and white roses and palm branches enamelled on gold, with an imperial crown in the centre; that of the Indian Empire is composed of elephants, peacocks and Indian roses.

Henry suggests that the Homeric lotus was really the nroa of Strabo, i.e.

When Odysseus reached the country of the Lotophagi, many of his sailors after eating the lotus lost all wish to return home.

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Another still later myth, which occurs in the epic poems, makes Brahma be born from a lotus which grew out of the navel of the god Vishnu whilst floating on the primordial waters.

Under the general head of water-lily are included the lotus of Egypt, Nymphaea Lotus, and the sacred lotus of India and China, Nelumbium speciosum, formerly a native of the Nile, as shown by Egyptian sculptures and other evidence, but no longer found in that river.

He is represented with four arms, and black in colour; in one hand he holds a club and in the others a shell, a discus and a lotus respectively.

Summer sees the lotus (renge) convert wide expanses of lake and river into sheets of white and red blossoms; a comparatively flowerless interval ensues until, in October and November, the chrysanthemum arrives to furnish an excuse for fashionable gatherings.

The Indian lotus described by Herodotus il found in deposits of the Roman age.

P. Champault (Pheniciens et Grecs en Italie d'apres l'Odyssee, p. 400, note 2), however, maintains that the lotus was a date; Victor Berard (Les Pheniciens et l'Odysse'e, 1902-1903, ii.

He had taken out his new Lotus Elise and gone for a joy ride first.