Sentence Examples with the word lottery

Further special stipulations regarding the Turkish lottery bonds were made, but these are, as before, omitted.

They draw a lottery from the 4,000 or so who want to ride.

I don't use history to predict the future, like some talisman that lets me pick winning lottery numbers (don't I wish).

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Special legislation of several specified kinds is forbidden, especially by amendments of 1871 and 1892; and the constitution as adopted in 1848 prohibited the legislature's authorizing any lottery or granting any divorce.

Joe Andrews (1778) was the sire of Dick Andrews (1797), and from him descend Tramp (1810), Lottery (1820), Liverpool (1828), Sheet Anchor (1832), Lanercost (1835), Weatherbit (1842), Beadsman (1855), and Blue Gown (1865).

The principal items of revenue are customs and excise, land and house tax, stamps, railways, legal fees, the state lottery and death duties.

The constitution prohibits lotteries and the sale of lottery tickets.

He was full of literary projects, and immediately after his return he is said to have increased his fortune immensely by a lucky lottery speculation.

They still had a Bank Note Reporter to print, and soon got the printing of a tri-weekly paper, the Constitutionalist, the organ of some lottery dealers.

You said they draw a lottery so they must have already pulled names and filled it up.