Sentence Examples with the word lots

Two of the lots were immediately purchased by Captain Ephraim Williams (1715-1755), who was at the time commander of Fort Massachusetts in the vicinity; several other lots were bought by soldiers under him; and in 1 753 the proprietors organized a township government.

My place was on the street behind theirs, one house over so the corners of our lots touched.

I did lots of stupid stuff like that back then.

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Simple - hardwood floors and lots of light.

Nope. There's lots of 'em left.

I looked up Andy Gordon and found lots of pictures of his paintings, but no pictures of him, and very little information about him.

There were lots of pretty flowers down below but he kept driving.

Most guys were off fighting the war so there was lots of empty slots.

The uniformed guys downstairs had drawn lots to see who got stuck informing the next of kin, and since that time, speculation on the disappearance of Jeffrey Byrne had been the chief topic of conversation at the Parkside Police Department.

I played in a heavy metal band, I did some off-off-off Broadway gigs, and lots of road company stuff.