Sentence Examples with the word loth

It was inevitable, however, that discrepancies should emerge between the texts of professed scholars, and as these men in their several localities were authorities on the reading of the Koran, quarrels began to break out between the levies from different districts about the true form that these initials did not belong to Mahomet's text, but might be the monograms of possessors of codices, which, through negligence on the part of the editors, were incorporated in the final form of the Koran; he now deems it more probable that they are to be traced to the Prophet himself, as Sprenger, Loth and others suppose.

Kirk-sessions were formed in four regiments, and the first regular The First presbytery was held at Carrickfergus on the Loth of Presbytery.

The adoption of hereditary names became general in Ireland, in obedience, it is said, to an ordinance of Brian Boru, about the end of the Loth century.

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The Alexandrian tradition seems to have been that he was of Cyrenaean origin; and Severus, a writer of the Loth century, adds to this the statement that his father's name was Aristobulus, who, with his wife Mary, was driven from the Pentapolis to Jerusalem by an invasion of barbarians 1 The divergent lines of the later attempts at a literal interpretation - e.g.

An act approved on the loth of April 1908 authorized a Civil Service Commission of four members appointed by the governor, who choose a chief examiner and a secretary of the commission.

In the Loth century Gregory of Narek wrote against them in Armenian, and in the 11th Aristaces of Lastivert and Paul of Taron in the same tongue.

Walganus, Walwanus; Dutch, Walwein, Welsh, Gwalchmci), son of King Loth of Orkney, and nephew to Arthur on his mother's side, the most famous hero of Arthurian romance.

He was mayor of the Loth arrondissement of Paris under the Consulate, and died at Paris on the 27th of October 1800, of small-pox, contracted during a visit to a workshop for the blind which he had founded.

After a feeble and ineffectual reign of eighteen months Louis died at Compiegne on the Loth or 11th of April 879.

JOSEPH ARCH (1826-), English politician, founder of the National Agricultural Labourers' Union, was born at Barford, a village in Warwickshire, on the Loth of November 1826.