Sentence Examples with the word lord chancellor

The effort which the High Church party had made to resis,t Dr Hampdens appointment had thus resulted in showing conclusively that authority resided in the crown, and net in the archbishop. It so happened that about the same time thisview was confirmed by another judicial decision, The lord chancellor presented the Rev. G.

Where a presentation belongs to a lunatic, the lord chancellor presents for him.

He listened, however, to the advice of his friend Sir Robert Henley, a brother barrister, afterwards known as Lord Chancellor Northington, and persevered, working on and waiting for success.

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In 1J41 he became dean of Hereford, and in 1555 Queen Mary nominated him to the archbishopric of Dublin, and in the same year he was appointed lord chancellor of Ireland.

William, Earl Cowper, Spencer Cowper, Lord Chancellor (d.

On the restoration of the monarchy, through the influence of Richard Baxter with Lord Chancellor Hyde, the charter already granted by Cromwell was renewed, and its powers were enlarged.

In Jenkes's case (1676) Lord Chancellor Nottingham refused to issue the writ in vacation in a case in which a man had been committed by the king in council for a speech at Guildhall, and could get neither bail nor trial.

Sought to eject from office, afterwards bishop of Oxford, Lichfield, and Worcester; and John, Lord Somers (1651-1716), Lord Keeper and Lord Chancellor of England.

The Yorkists had many adherents in Ireland, and thither Lambert Simnel was taken by Symonds early in 1487; and, gaining the support of the earl of Kildare, the archbishop of Dublin, the lord chancellor and a powerful following, who were, or pretended to be, convinced that the boy was the earl of Warwick escaped from the Tower, Simnel was crowned as King Edward VI.

In 1872 he undertook the defence of his friend Lord Chancellor Hatherley, when attacked for his appointment of Sir Robert Collier to the judicial committee of the Privy Council, and, by a line of argument more ingenious than convincing, secured a majority for the government.