Sentence Examples with the word lopsided

His eyes suddenly twinkled and his mouth slid into a lopsided smile.

The door was closed but lopsided in its frame while half the lights overhead were burnt out.

She stayed the urge to curl up in her chair, jumping when a shadow with lopsided shoulders emerged from the corner dressed like an executioner in black hood and gloves.

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It was dark, cold, and the shots hit the man with lopsided shoulders, dropping him dead to the ground.

His lips twisted into a lopsided smile.

The large man in black with lopsided shoulders and an executioner's hood pressed himself into a corner.

He was Damian's size, though by his lopsided shoulders and scars, he'd survived some sort of serious injury.

Selyn's smile was lopsided because of the unresponsive, scarred half of her face.

Humor put a telltale twinkle in his eyes long before the lopsided smile began.

Josh stared at her for a moment and then a lopsided smile twisted his lips.