Sentence Examples with the word loosened

But throughout the ecclesiastical society traditional bonds were loosened and anarchy was rife, and this at the very moment when the enemies of the priesthood and its leaders redoubled their attack.

The oxygen of the air may also bring about chemical changes which result in the production of soluble substances removable by rain, the insoluble parts being left in a loosened state.

He loosened what clothing he could and rolled his sleeves.

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Startled, he loosened his grip as he tried to snatch her arm and nearly dropped her.

Flaking and scaling set in; hard crusts of mildew formed, dissolved and re-formed with changes of weather over both the loosened parts and those that remained firm.

Long, on which the scale has already been loosened by the aid of boiling with dilute muriatic acid or a weak solution of caustic soda in water, than it is to clean either the inside or the outside of horizontal tubes more than double the length.

He loosened his collar and tie out of absolute necessity.

Her grip on his hand tightened, while she loosened her grip on the foreign magic in her body.

His grip on her arm loosened and she stiffened as his hand slid up to her throat.

He loosened the knives at his hip and thighs before drawing on the protective gloves and tugging the protective hood and face combo over his head.