Sentence Examples with the word loop

The same diagrams serve to demonstrate the streptoneurous condition of the visceral loop in Aspidobranchia.

Something tugged on her belt loop and Alex swung her around, jerking her into his embrace.

The euthyneurous visceral loop is long, and presents only one ganglion (in Aplysia camelus, but two distinct ganglia joined to one another in Aplysia hybrida of the English coast), placed at its extreme limit, representing both the right and left visceral ganglia and the third or abdominal ganglion, which are so often separately present.

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On account of the shortness of the visceral loop and the proximity of the right visceral ganglion to the oesophageal nerve-ring, the nerve to the osphradium and olfactory ganglion is very long.

Spengel has shown that the visceral loop of the Heteropoda is streptoneurous.

From the mouth of the river, and a small bridgehead was established in the loop formed by the curving stream.

The coupling is effected by firmly clamping the ends of the beams upon the top and bottom respectively of a loop of watch - spring, which is tightly stretched round the casting carrying the pan, as is shown in the end view in fig.

The stream forms a loop round and almost encircles the castle, from which there are beautiful views of the sinuous valley and the opposite well-wooded heights.

In connexion with the projected grande coupure (that is, a cutting through the neck of the loop in the river Scheldt immediately below .Antwerp), the importance of these four docks would be greatly increased because they would then flank the new main channel of the river.

E', Visceral loop or commissure (?).