Sentence Examples with the word looking

There's a big bulletin board down by the information area where everyone's supposed to check for messages if they're looking for someone.

That it was forced in that direction we should say rather, looking back, for it was a time of dire distress, especially in the manufacturing districts of the north; so that in his second session Peel had to provide some relief by revising the corn laws and reducing import Poli, Y g g P dues generally.

Alex was looking down at her, his expression unreadable.

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Here we see Christ standing forth in solitary grandeur, looking with the eyes of another world on a society which is blindly hastening to its dissolution.

No, it was mere chance that he was looking at her while he spoke to Katie.

If the boys sent Alfred Nota looking for him, they want this guy very badly.

But when Katie brought the required dress, Princess Mary remained sitting motionless before the glass, looking at her face, and saw in the mirror her eyes full of tears and her mouth quivering, ready to burst into sobs.

They looked at one another until one of the younger looking men was pushed forward, as a spokesman.

Like the rest of our waters, when much agitated, in clear weather, so that the surface of the waves may reflect the sky at the right angle, or because there is more light mixed with it, it appears at a little distance of a darker blue than the sky itself; and at such a time, being on its surface, and looking with divided vision, so as to see the reflection, I have discerned a matchless and indescribable light blue, such as watered or changeable silks and sword blades suggest, more cerulean than the sky itself, alternating with the original dark green on the opposite sides of the waves, which last appeared but muddy in comparison.

The game starts with you turning up in town, looking to score some races and win some kudos.