Sentence Examples with the word look like

He broke free of attackers before reaching the camouflaged door and waved his band in front of what would look like just another boulder to someone unfamiliar with the path.

The level of activity at Norfolk Police Headquarters made Parkside's much smaller operation look like the front porch of an old folk home.

Instead I turned to the clerk who'd overheard enough of the conversation to look like his dog ate his cat.

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The following is an analysis of the results obtained, showing the number of times the different grades were reached: - On one or two occasions at Jan Mayen auroral light is described as making the full moon look like an ordinary gas jet in presence of electric light, whilst rays could be seen crossing and brighter than the moon's disk.

We've taken steps for my home not to look like a fortress, but believe me, it is.

It doesn't look like you're all that adept at talking to him either.

It's fine to skimp on manners when it's just the two of us, but we don't have to look like complete rednecks in front of our guests.

Granted, it's just a collection of miscellaneous letters and numbers but somehow, it doesn't look like practice work.

When I meet the engine with its train of cars moving off with planetary motion--or, rather, like a comet, for the beholder knows not if with that velocity and with that direction it will ever revisit this system, since its orbit does not look like a returning curve--with its steam cloud like a banner streaming behind in golden and silver wreaths, like many a downy cloud which I have seen, high in the heavens, unfolding its masses to the light--as if this traveling demigod, this cloud-compeller, would ere long take the sunset sky for the livery of his train; when I hear the iron horse make the hills echo with his snort like thunder, shaking the earth with his feet, and breathing fire and smoke from his nostrils (what kind of winged horse or fiery dragon they will put into the new Mythology I don't know), it seems as if the earth had got a race now worthy to inhabit it.

If anything, the strikes look like something that would've occurred during the East-West Civil War.