Sentence Examples with the word look into

One value even of the smallest well is, that when you look into it you see that earth is not continent but insular.

You look into his pail with wonder as into a summer pond, as if he kept summer locked up at home, or knew where she had retreated.

When she was not looking at him she felt that he was looking at her shoulders, and she involuntarily caught his eye so that he should look into hers rather than this.

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After all, no one in history has ever been able to look into the past the way we do.

I need to look into bringing some unrelated mares to the ranch.

If you are not familiar with this whole issue, look into it; it is fascinating and, I think, important.

While most readers found Epstein's comments inane, at least one congressman agreed to look into it.

And we have to look into Baur's esoteric interpretation of the doctrinal development.

Close! stand close to me, Starbuck; let me look into a human eye; it is better than to gaze into sea or sky; better than to gaze upon God.

On the other hand, she hadn't asked Len to look into Yancey's past.