Sentence Examples with the word look forward

Definitely a skill I look forward to honing in Brandon.

The scheme promised well, and, as he associated himself with Johann Joachim Christoph Bode (1730-1793), a literary man whom he respected, in starting a printing establishment, he hoped that he might at last look forward to a peaceful and prosperous career.

Oh, and I look forward to kicking his ass.

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She didn't look forward to traveling alone into the valley where she'd last seen a sat image of what looked like a militia.

In 1020 (411 A.H.) the caliph was assassinated by contrivance of his sister Sitt ul-Mulk; but it was given out by Hamza that he had only withdrawn for a season, and his followers were encouraged to look forward with confidence to his triumphant return.

The queen's health was visibly breaking, and the Tory ministers could only look forward to their own downfall on the accession of the elector of Hanover.

Would seem to date from a time when the Jews, having won freedom to worship God, were able to look forward to the conversion of their former oppressors (cf.

Rich in natural resources and peopled by an intelligent, experienced and frugal population, the country had every reason to look forward to a prosperous industrial development in the future.

Poor Jen must be a wreck and she has telling her parents to look forward to.

Drained despite her long night of rest, she didn't look forward to anything this day.