Sentence Examples with the word look back

Only when she was panting did she stop and look back to make certain no one from the castle could see her.

The legend of the mountain is that Solomon visited Hindostan to marry Balkis, and that as they were returning through the air, on a throne supported by genii, the bride implored the bridegroom to let her look back for a few moments on her beloved land.

But from the 7th century to the 17th - from Isidore of Seville and the English Bede for a thousand years, - mankind was to look back along the line of Jewish priests and kings to the Creation.

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When in the second half of the i 1 th century the clergy of a great number of collegiate churches were undertaking to live a substantially monastic form of life '(see' Canon), it was natural that they should look back to this classical model for clerics living in community.

Some of the Gargoyles saw them, presently, and lost no time in collecting a band to pursue the escaping prisoners; so that when Dorothy happened to look back she saw them coming in a great cloud that almost darkened the sky.

Were, they contained their full share of eminent and capable men; and, what is more, their very defects were the exact counterparts of what we now look back upon as the prevailing stupidity in the country.

Ivan meditated the regeneration of Muscovy, and the only men who could assist him in his task were men who could look steadily forward to the future because they had no past to look back upon, men who would unflinchingly obey their sovereign because they owed their whole political significance to him alone.

Our progeny will look back at us and wonder how we ever made any progress, having only tiny bits of anecdotal data and imperfect knowledge.

We cannot perhaps assert that the same rate is to be continued for very many centuries, but it is plain that the further we look back into the past time the greater must the sun have been.

Ian Sowman takes a slightly belated look back at last weekend's news at Rockingham, with images by Phil Burridge.