Sentence Examples with the word look around

She paused to look around again, caught in the surreal sense that everything that happened the past few months hadn't touched the condo community.

A look around her bedchamber with its black, stone walls, ceiling and floor revealed nothing remotely edible.

A quick look around the chamber showed no sign of his mate.

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Traveling to the portal between worlds, the guardsman took one last look around then dropped through the gateway to the immortal world.

Now, when I look around and listen to humanity-driven news, I despair, I really do.

But now forget all about blinds and whiskers for a moment, and, standing in the Right Whale's mouth, look around you afresh.

After one last look around to see if she was being watched, she started into the woods.

His tingling senses awoke him, but he was too weak to do more than look around the room.

The lingering images of recliner-size tarantulas from her dream made her shudder and look around self-consciously to make sure none were in her room.

With an anxious look around to make sure no one was watching, Deidre peeked into the open door, hoping it led to a McDonalds or some other place with food.