Sentence Examples with the word longitudinally

In three generaBlyttia, Symphyogyna and Hymenophytum there are one or more strands or bundles consisting of long thickwalled fibre-like (prosenchymatous) cells, pointed at the ends and running longitudinally through the thick midrib.

Though generally nearly smooth, or but slightly scaly, the surface of some hairs is imbricated; that is to say, shows projecting scale-like processes, as in some bats, while in the twotoed sloth (Choloepus) they are longitudinally grooved or fluted.

They present a hypha-like appearance, running longitudinally for considerable distances.

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Each of the larger islands between Luzon and Mindanao, except Samar and Bohol, is traversed longitudinally by a single mountain range with occasional spurs.

The cellular process from the axis which develops into a leaf is simple and undivided; it rarely remains so, but in progress of growth becomes segmented in various ways, either longitudinally or laterally, or in both ways.

This leaves a cylinder with roughly parallel ends; these ends are cut by the use of a diamond applied internally and then the cylinder is split longitudinally by the same means.

The demagnetizing force inside a cylindrical rod placed longitudinally in a uniform field Ho is not uniform, being greatest at the ends and least in the middle part.

Shar, in Midian, exceeds 6500 ft., divides it longitudinally into a narrow littoral and a broader upland zone 2000 or 3000 ft.

The reinforcing rods are generally laid both longitudinally and circumferentially.

If a longitudinally magnetized wire is twisted, circular magnetization is developed; this is evidenced by the transient electromotive force induced in the iron, generating a current which will deflect a galvanometer connected with the two ends of the wire.