Sentence Examples with the word longhorn

Among the longhorn beetles, the prothorax scrapes over a median file on the mid-dorsal aspect of the mesothorax.

I plan to look the longhorn cow over and come home.

The Cerambycidae, or longhorn beetles, are recognizable by their slender, elongate feelers, which are never clubbed and rarely serrate.

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There is a lady down in Texas who has a Longhorn cow she wants to sell.

Turning on the water, she filled their water trough before heading out for the longhorn shed, which was the closest to the trees.

I think the longhorn would be safe enough up here.

They stopped at the spring where they had found the dead longhorn bull years ago and dismounted to let the horses rest.

I might get a Longhorn cow in a month or so.

Another longhorn had been born in their absence.