Sentence Examples with the word longevity

Moreover: we are to consider, that from the presumed great longevity of whales, their probably attaining the age of a century and more, therefore at any one period of time, several distinct adult generations must be contemporary.

It is possible that specimens of such long-lived species as Lecidea geographica actually outrival in longevity the oldest trees.

Unfortunately it does not seem to share the longevity characteristic of most parrots, and none that has been held in confinement appears to have long survived, while many succumb speedily.

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In all countries, moreover, there seems to be an inclination to exaggerate longevity after the three score years and ten have been passed.

Viability, by which are meant fecundity, longevity and vigour, was low in average.

Rapidity of growth and longevity vary greatly according to circumstances and to the species.

The longevity of the fish has probably been much exaggerated, and the statements of carp of 200 years living in the ponds of Pont-Chartrain and other places in France and elsewhere do not rest on satisfactory evidence.

A week ago she might have pondered the longevity of their marriage.