Sentence Examples with the word longer

It was no longer possible to write as if the whole civilization of the Western world would sit down contentedly under the shadow of East Gothic dominion and Amal sovereignty.

Small tufts of tactile hairs or papillae are sometimes observed in small number at the tip of the head; sometimes longer hairs, apparently rather stiff, are seen on the surface, very sparingly distributed between the cilia, and hitherto only in a very limited number of small specimens.

Accepting the law he distinguishes productive from permissive or transmissive function (p. 32), and, rejecting the view that brain produces thought, he recognizes that in our present condition brain transmits thought, thought needs brain for its organ of expression; but this does not exclude the possibility of a condition in which thought will be no longer so dependent on brain.

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The didactic element was no longer in sole possession of the field, for the inrush of multitudes to the Christian faith and the building of large churches necessitated a return to the evangelical or proclamatory type of sermon.

Himself in public affairs, although no longer an active participant, and in all financial questions, especially in regard to the bank charter, the resumption of specie payments, and the panic of 1837, he exerted a powerful influence.

This is no longer held, but fairs at Candlemas and St James, of ancient but uncertain origin, remain.

Fick (in 1883) and still held, with modifications, by some European scholars can no longer be maintained.

Carmen thought Destiny was getting better because she was no longer coughing.

To the Volga, is less favoured by nature; the winters are longer and more inclement, and droughts are not uncommon.

The Hippodrome, in which the chariot-races and horse-races were held, can no longer be accurately traced.