Sentence Examples with the word long-lived

Papyrus and many dated inscriptions fix the succession and length of reign of the eight kings very accurately; The troubled times that the kingdom had passed through taught the long-lived monarchs the precaution of associating a competent successor on the throne.

The maritime side of this long-lived brigandage was conducted by the captains, or reises, who formed a class or even a corporation.

His keen intuition of truth, his vigour and yet sobriety of argument, his fertility of illustration and acuteness of sarcasm, made him irresistible to his antagonists; and the evanescent triumphs of scornful controversy have given place to the sedate applause of a long-lived posterity.

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Maunder and Mrs Maunder found that different spots in the same zone differ more than do the means for different zones, while a long-lived spot settles down to give more consistent results than are furnished by spots of one apparition.

It is possible that specimens of such long-lived species as Lecidea geographica actually outrival in longevity the oldest trees.

The Alexandrian Clement, Tertullian, Origen, Eusebius, Jerome and Augustine only tell of the Zebedean what is traceable to stories told by Papias of others, to passages of Revelation and the Gospel, or to the assured fact of the long-lived Asian presbyter.

The long-lived conception of a series of crystal spheres, acting as the vehicles of the heavenly bodies, and attuned to divine harmonies, seems to have originated with Pythagoras himself.

The second settlement made by his expedition at Buenos Aires was even less successful and long-lived than the first.

Above the firs come the tamarack, constituting the bulk of the lower Alpine forest; the hardy long-lived mountain pine; the red cedar or juniper, growing even on the baldest rocks; the beautiful hemlock spruce; the still higher white pine, nut pine, needle pine; and finally, at io,000 to 12,000 ft., the dwarf pine, which grows in a tangle on the earth over which one walks, and may not show for a century's growth more than a foot of height or an inch of girth.