Sentence Examples with the word long-haired

This human creature, long-haired and sensual, was drawn away from a savage mode of life by a harlot, and Jastrow, followed by G.

Here also may be noticed the huge Philippine long-haired rats of the genus Phlaeomys, characterized by their broad incisors, transversely laminated molars and large claws.

It is well known that the long-haired albino rabbit, called Angora, when at rest, has the habit of swaying its head sideways in a peculiar fashion.

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Apart from the above-mentioned division of the striped members of both groups into two types according to the pattern of their markings, the domesticated cats of western Europe are divided into a short-haired and a long-haired group. Of these, the former is the one which bears the closest relationship to the wild cats of Africa and of Europe, the latter being an importation from the East.

C. C. Hurst has shown that the long-haired and albino characters are always accompanied in heredity with the swaying habit.

They all stared in timid bewilderment at the strange, long-haired commander dressed up in feathers and gold.

MANUL (Felis manul), a long-haired small wild cat from the deserts of Central Asia, ranging from Tibet to Siberia.

In the Indian leopard, the true Felis pardus, the spots are large and rosette-like, and the same is the case with the long-haired Persian leopard (F.

As to long-haired cats, there appear originally to have been two closely-allied strains, the Angora and the Persian, of which the former has been altogether replaced in western Europe by the latter.