Sentence Examples with the word lol

Chief The most westerly is the Lol or Bahr-el-Arab.

On many maps it is marked as the Bahr-el-Arab, a designation also used as an alternative name for the Lol l another tributary of the Ghazal, which eventually unites with the Bahr-el-Homr. The Bahr-el-Homr in its lower reaches was in 1906 completely blocked by sudd, and then brought no water into the Bahr-el-Ghazal.

Just above the Lol confluence the Jur broadens out and forms a lake (Ambadi) 0 m.

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This third river, generally called the Kir, has proved to be only the lower course of the Lol or Bahr-el-Arab.

From the confluence of the Lol with the Jur, above which point none of the rivers is called Bahr-el-Ghazal, to the junction with the Nile at Lake No, is a distance of about 200 m.

This Bahr-el-Homr is the only affluent of 1 The Lol is also called the Kir, a name given likewise to the lower course of the Bahr-el-Homr. The confusion of names is partly attributable to the fact that each tribe has a different name for the same stream.

In 870 Edmund, king of East Anglia, was killed by the Danes under I'varr and Ubbi, the sons of Ragnar Lol brok.