Sentence Examples with the word loin

The neck is long, but not coarse, the ribs are deep, the loin wide and level, the tail set high, and the legs straight and set well outside the carcase.

Among the Hebrews the outer garment, as distinct from the inner loin wrapper (ezor) or tunic, evidently took many forms.

The garment distinctive of the Hindus of all castes, men and women, all over India, is the dhoti or loin cloth.

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The distribution of provinces and loin between the three main territorial divisions, Norrland (northern), Svealand (central) and Gdtaland (southern) is also indicated.

P X., the loin stand for better organized civil governments, with growing powerful despotic heads; for a perfectly worldly papacy absorbed in the interests of an Italian principality, engaged in constant political negotiations with the European powers which are beginning to regard Italy as their chief field of rivalry, and are using its little states as convenient counters in their game of diplomacy and war.

Their clothing is simple: a loin cloth for the men and for the women a girdle or petticoat of leaves.