Sentence Examples with the word loi

Trans., 1891), L'Humanite et la patrie (1901), Loi du divorce (1903), L'Anarchie et le collectivisme (1904), Desarmement ou alliance anglaise (1908).

When the budget has passed both chambers it is promulgated by the president under the title of Loi des finances.

Vacherot) (1864); La Morale et la loi de l'histoire, setting forth his social views (1868); Mgr.

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After 1848 he maintained the same role, acting as reporter of the loi Falloux.

Taking as the basis for discussion the draft loi organique of 1901, it elaborated a measure laying down the principles applicable to the Congo State when it should become a Belgian colony.

And Loi Ling in the Northern Shan States reaches woo ft.

The most important of the recruiting laws passed since 1870 are those of 1872, 1889 and 1905, the last the loi de deux ans which embodies the last efforts of the French war department to keep pace with the ever-growing numbers of the German empire.

The principal peak east of the Salween is on the Loi Lan ridge, 7109 ft.

The loi des cadres of 1907 introduced many important changes of detail supplementary to the loi de deux ans.

Thonissen, L'Organisation judiciaire, le droit penal et la procedure de la loi salique (2nd ed., Brussels and Paris, 1882); P. 'E.