Sentence Examples with the word loge

L'Abbe Morellet (1769); E loge de J.

The E loge of Jean le Clerc (Bibliotheque choisie, 1705) has been the basis of the memoirs of Locke prefixed to the successive editions of his Works, or contained in biographical dictionaries.

In 1784 he wrote an essay on balloons, and his loge of Vauban, read by him publicly, won him the commendation of Prince Henry of Prussia.

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C. Ferrand, E loge historique de Madame Elisabeth (1814, containing 94 letters; 2nd ed., 1861, containing additional letters, but correspondence mutilated); Du Fresne de Beaucourt, Etude sur Madame Elisabeth (Paris, 1864); A.

After this time he wrote, among other books, Unser System, Revolutionsnovellen, Die Loge des Humanismus, and Aus fruherer Zeit (his memoirs).