Sentence Examples with the word log

The most interesting dwellings in this country, as the painter knows, are the most unpretending, humble log huts and cottages of the poor commonly; it is the life of the inhabitants whose shells they are, and not any peculiarity in their surfaces merely, which makes them picturesque; and equally interesting will be the citizen's suburban box, when his life shall be as simple and as agreeable to the imagination, and there is as little straining after effect in the style of his dwelling.

The Tennents erected the Log College (on the Neshaminy, about 20 m.

In fact, the entire design of the living area was more open and roomy than the new log home where they now lived.

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Steering now south-eastward by Ahab's levelled steel, and her progress solely determined by Ahab's level log and line; the Pequod held on her path towards the Equator.

In an effort to release the log jam, Dean gave his stepfather a hand with the moving.

His new log home was nice, but not extravagant.

To ascertain the ship's speed by the common log four articles are necessary - a log-ship or log-chip, log-reel, log-line and log-glass.

Another thirty minutes and she would be at the old log cabin.

Or Logo I Ooi, Log L O 1.002, Log L O 1.003.

In the British mercantile marine all ships (except those employed exclusively in trading between ports on the coasts of Scotland) are compelled to keep an official log book in a form approved by the Board of Trade.