Sentence Examples with the word loess

The loess covers both the watersheds and the valleys.

The loess is used with clay for the production of brick.

The basin is a loess region and is unfit for rice, but it produces other fine crops.

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There are four kinds of soil in Northern Europe: glacial till, alluvial, loess and geest.

The loess was created by the drifting of fine sand and dust.

The loess soil, chiefly a mixture of porous clay and carbonate of lime, forms the bluffs that border the bottom lands of the Missouri.

The loess is reddish-brown, buff or grey according to the varying proportions of iron oxide.

This wide-spreading loess area was formed partly of wind-blown sand and partly of detritus from the mountains.

The loess stretches out over terraces at some distance from the mountains.