Sentence Examples with the word lodgment

Smith, Lew Wallace and McClernand, effected a lodgment in the works.

Definite lodgment in Christian thought through the literary forgeries of the pseudo-Dionysius (see Dionysius The Areopagite).

The assault was successful, in so far as a firm lodgment was made in the city, though the loss of Nicholson was a heavy price to pay for this success.

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The town of Manaos, at the mouth of the Rio Negro, had from l000 to 1500 population; but all the remaining villages, as far up as Tabatinga, on the Brazilian frontier of Peru, were wretched little groups of houses which appeared to have timidly effected a lodgment on the river bank, as if they feared to challenge the mysteries of the sombre and gigantic forests behind them.

They had incurred an additional loss of 13,000 men without substantial gain, except a lodgment on the counterscarp of Sung-Shu.

Among other public buildings may be noted the Piece-Hall, erected in 1799 for the lodgment and sale of piece goods, now used as a market, a great quadrangular structure occupying more than two acres; the bonding warehouse, court-house, and mechanics' institute.

These enter the body through various channels, and once they have effected a lodgment they grow, multiply and give rise to various poisons which attack and injure or destroy different tissues or organs in the body.

The parasite effects a lodgment in the host either by invading it as a free-swimming planula, or, apparently, in other cases, as a spore-embryo which is captured and swallowed as food by the host.

In the meantime a French brigade had, after a tough struggle, effected a lodgment at Kum Kale.

The disease steadily spread outwards in concentric circles from its first place of lodgment near Roquemaure.