Sentence Examples with the word loco

In the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, Basilides saw the proof of naturam sine radice et sine loco rebus supervenientem (Acta Archelai).

At one time Erfurt had a university, of which the charter dated from 1392; but it was suppressed in 1816, and its funds devoted to other purposes, among these being the endowment of an institution founded in 1758 and now called the royal academy of sciences, and the support of the royal library, which now contains 60,000 volumes and over loco manuscripts.

His susceptibility to new ideas is illustrated in such pieces as Mariana (1892), Mancha que limpia (1895), El Hijo de Don Juan (1892), and El Loco Dios (1900) these indicate a close study of Ibsen, and El Loco Dios more especially might be taken for an unintentional parody of Ibsen's symbolism.

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The missionary zeal of the Zoroastrian priests soon caused discontent among the Christian inhabitants of Colchis, and Gobazes, perceiving that Chosroes intended to Persianize the district, appealed to Rome, with the result that in 549 one Dagisthaeus was sent out with 7000 Romans and loco auxiliaries of the Tzani (Zani, Sanni).

In 1760 it was surprised by a French squadron under Commodore Thurot, who landed with about loco men, and, after holding the place for a few days, evacuated it on the approach of the English troops.

Precipitous cliffs, from zoo to loco ft.

Like all the Australian states, Tasmania shows a decline in the birthrate; in 5905 the births were 5256-36 less than in 1904 - which gives a rate of 29.32 per loco of mean population.

They were, he said, opposed to Holy Scripture, to the traditions of the Church for the first loco years, to historical evidence, to the decrees of the general councils, and to the existing relations of the Roman Catholic Church to the state in every country in the world.

Lastly, he had the spirit of lively satire and of willingness desipere in loco which frequently goes with the love of books.

The caliche is worked up in loco for crude nitrate by extracting the salts with hot water, allowing the suspended earth to settle, and then transferring the clarified liquor, first to a cistern where it deposits part of its sodium chloride at a high temperature, and then to another where, on cooling, it yields a crop of crystals of purified nitrate.