Sentence Examples with the word locker room

Still another door led her to a locker room with mirrors along two walls and another door to the restrooms.

She wondered how long it'd take before every vamp in the mansion was waiting in the locker room to claim what they could from her.

His gaze swept over her body, lingering on her breasts, and she wished she'd stopped by the locker room to pull on a shirt instead of racing to get away from Darian.

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The women's locker room was empty.

She stripped down in the locker room and tossed her shirt over the animal head in the bottom of her locker.

The soft curves on that tall slender body and those long legs were the talk of the locker room when he was a senior.

The number of female vamps outnumbered the number of female Guardians, and she ducked into the locker room for the females.

She opened her eyes and found herself in the locker room at the Black God's lair.

The backpack she kept with her as she exited the locker room into the gym area.

His view of her sweat pants in front of him were like a sack of footballs being dragged back to the locker room after a high school scrimmage.