Sentence Examples with the word locke

It is in the latter group that we have the explanation of all that marks Locke as a forerunner of the critical philosophy.

Roscher names him as having, along with Locke and Dudley North, raised the English school to the highest point it attained before the time of Hume.

The accurate investigation of the lowest forms of animal life, commenced by Leeuwenhoek and Swammerdam, and continued by the remarkable labours of Reaumur, Abraham Trembley, Bonnet, and a host of other observers in the latter part of the 17th and the first half of the 18th centuries, drew the attention of biologists to the gradation in the complexity of organization which is presented by living beings, and culminated in the doctrine of the echelle des titres, so powerfully and clearly stated by Bonnet, and, before him, adumbrated by Locke and by Leibnitz.

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In the Beaux-Arts, Batteux developed a theory which is derived from Locke through Voltaire's sceptical sensualism.

Leibnitz has to supplement rather than correct Locke on this point.

In the philosophies of Descartes and Locke a large share of attention had been directed to the idea of matter, which was held to be the abstract, unperceived background of real experience, and was supposed to give rise to our ideas of external things through its action on the sentient mind.

He there says in words which recall the language of Locke (Essay, iii.

Faith in the existence of God is virtually with Locke an expression of faith in the principle of active causality in its ultimate universality.

To Locke the universe is the result of a direct act of creation, even matter being limited in duration and created.

But Locke accepted Holy Scripture as infallible with the reverence of a Puritan.