Sentence Examples with the word lock

Either they're huge babies you have to take care of, or they want to lock you in their palace with eunuchs.

He scraped the snow scene from the parlor window and changed the lock on the front door, an insurance company precaution mandated annually because so many keys were not returned.

Persons who had recovered from an illness offered anathemata in the temples of Asclepius (Aesculapius); those who had escaped from shipwreck offered their clothes, or, if these had been lost, a lock of hair, to Neptune (Hor.

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We were about to run out so I got smart and just changed the front door lock after Christmas.

Let me go lock the shop.

We are reminded of the practice of the Pawnees and other North-American Indians, who shaved the head with the exception of one lock (the scalp-lock), which was removed by a victorious enemy (Catlin, North American Indians, ii.

The Sandwich Islanders also cut a lock from a slain foe (W.

Jonah enters, and would lock the door, but the lock contains no key.

The front door Dean had neglected to lock opened and Sheriff Weller strolled in without knocking.

I had been eating some hay, and the wind rolled a little lock of it that way, and the poor creature put out her long, thin neck and picked it up, and then turned round and looked about for more.