Sentence Examples with the word locating

In 1899 another South African mission was started, ultimately locating itself at Mashukulumbwe, and a few years later work was begun in Southern Nigeria.

Hopefully, they grappled with the same problems locating the souls.

Is scarcely tenable considering Asa's weakness; but inroads by desert hordes frequently troubled Judah, and if the tradition be correct in locating the battle at Mareshah it is probable that the invaders were in league with the Philistine towns.

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The cenotes or underground reservoirs were the important factors in locating the ruins of northern Yucatan.

Another closely connected problem is that of locating or ascertaining the direction of the sending station.

After locating his gear, he found a campsite, showered and changed.

Now, focus on locating the other three keypads.

The general manager was on maternity leave, and she rifled through several drawers before locating a bottle of painkillers.

Ii we are to put a sense upon this new expression, William may probably have meant to recall any words of his which seemed, by locating the universal in the entirety of its essence in each individual to confer upon the individual an independence which did not belong to it - thus leading in the end to the demand for a separate universal for 1 This treatise, first published by Cousin in his Ouvrages inedits d'Abelard, was attributed by him to Abelard, and he was followed in this opinion by Haureau; but Prantl adduces reasons which seem satisfactory for believing it to be the work of an unknown writer of somewhat later date (see Prantl.

After locating a missing sneaker, Pumpkin left without a word and, shockingly, without breakfast.