Sentence Examples with the word locate

Keep trying to locate Weller.

She can locate and open the federal emergency supply depots.

Other members of the defense bar would surely look closely if their clients were apprehended because of unverifiable tips and assail the source, if they could locate it.

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The oldest tradition does not know of this twofold move, and seems to locate Abram's birthplace and the homes of his kindred at Haran (Gen.

He opened his senses to locate the immortal he wanted, and then willed himself there.

When asked why he now went public with his so-called gift, he replied he was establishing a business to locate missing children.

Lieutenant Anderson's response sounded more like an apology for being unable to locate two pillars of the community than a proper description of the two as a couple of leg-breaking punks.

I'll try to locate an appropriate doctor if you wish.

Norfolk had all but ceased trying to locate the ex-World Wide employee, but Dean still considered him a missing piece in the puzzle and wanted to talk to the man.

The others remained downstairs throughout the morning, either out of displeasure with me or their quest to locate the killer.