Sentence Examples with the word localized

The raising of Lazarus, in appearance a massive, definitely localized historical fact, requires a similar interpretation, unless we would, in favour of the direct historicity of a story peculiar to a profoundly allegorical treatise, ruin the historical trustworthiness of the largely historical Synoptists in precisely their most complete and verisimilar part.

Her worship was early transferred to Rome, localized by the Lacus Juturnae near the temple of Vesta, at which Castor and Pollux, after announcing the victory of lake Regillus, were said to have washed the sweat from their horses.

Brewing and malting are localized chiefly in Nord.

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In course of time the tribes became localized in particular districts, under the influence of a growing central authority, and their gods then passed from tribal into local deities.

The doctrine of geometrical continuity and the application of algebra to geometry, developed in the 16th and 17th centuries mainly by Kepler and Descartes, led to the discovery of many properties which gave to the notion of infinity, as a localized space conception, a predominant importance.

Cowpox was a localized condition, so fresh supplies were hard to get.

That this is, so to speak, a need of animals with localized respiratory FIG.

The body thus formed ment of is called the embryo, and this develops into the adult Primary plant, not by continued growth of all its parts as in an animal, but by localization of the regions of cell-division and growth, such a localized region being called a growing-point.

The Epistle of Jude cannot be either dated or localized with any certainty.

The pigment is also principally localized in this layer, although sometimes it is present even deeper down within the musculature.