Sentence Examples with the word loam

The valley of the Medway, especially the district round Maidstone, is the most fertile part of the county, the soil being a deep loam with a subsoil of brick-earth.

The district is famed for its stock, and the fine quality of its grain; also for the character of the English grasses laid down there, which flourish in a rich black loam on a limestone formation.

Requires rich, gritty loam of good depth, as it produces tuberous roots I to 2 ft.

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They are increased by cuttings, and grown in a cool greenhouse in rough peaty soil, with a slight addition of loam and sand.

Sound friable loam cut one sod deep from the surface of a pasture, and stacked up for twelve months in a heap or ridge, is invaluable to the gardener.

A sandy loam is quite characteristic of some of the N.

Any good free loam is suitable, but a calcareous loam is the best.

For pot culture, the soil should consist of three parts turfy loam to one of leaf-mould and thoroughly rotted manure, adding enough pure grit to keep the compost porous.

On the East Shore to the north is a marly loam overlying a yellowish-red clay sub-soil, to the south is a soil quite stiff with light coloured clay, while here and there, especially in the middle and south, are considerable areas both of light sandy soils and tidal marsh loams. On the West Shore the soils range from a light sandy loam in the lower levels south from Baltimore to rather heavy loarns overlying a yellowish clay on the rolling uplands and on the terraces along the Potomac and Patuxent.

The soil generally is a sandy loam or a strong but friable clay, and very fertile.